Saturday, February 2, 2013

I desigh for Forever Night Creepy Challenge Blog


Reverse Soot Stamping Technique This technique is similar except in this version your stamped image is inked with soot. The finished image is similar to a traditional stamped image except the colorant is candle soot and the background is left with a foggy look. Supplies: Glossy white cardstock Taper candle (A taper candle will allow you to “soot up” the glossy white cardstock much faster than a pillar or votive candle.) Rubber stamp VersaMark Water Mark Inkpad (Tsukineko) Cotton ball Matte spray sealer Start by stamping your image with VersaMark Water Mark ink on a piece of glossy white cardstock. Take the cardstock and invert it (glossy side down) over an open candle flame until it is mostly covered in soot. The soot adheres to the VersaMark ink. The result is similar to stamping with ink, except the soot provides a variety of color intensity throughout the piece. Once your glossy cardstock has been sooted to your liking, flip it over soot side up and allow it to cool just a minute. Then lightly sweep over the entire surface with a dry cotton ball to remove the excess soot. Don’t scrub at the paper with the cotton ball, just lightly dust off the soot. Technically the soot is set into the VersaMark ink, but I like to give it a few coats of matte spray sealer just to make sure everything is good and set.