Thursday, October 4, 2012

Embossing on FABRIC

One of my favorite background techniques is rubber-stamping and then embossing.  and not just on paper either. I have tried all types of mediums.
but always go back to fabric embossing.
 The basics are simple. First, iron your fabric if you want a neat look.

 Pick out your stampschunky ones work best although it is possible to get a fairly fine line on a tightly woven fabric. Stamp using a very wet, pigment dye pad.( I USE STAZON) If you are used to embossing with something like Versamark or Top Boss, you may be happier substituting a colored pad for this purpose, because the clear pads will leave novisible markings at all before you dump the powder on them, which can lead to terrible problems if you’re trying to stamp words from individual letters, or use a small stamp multiple time to create an all-around background. Using a small stamp and stamping multiple times to create a background is a particularly effective method for using this technique 
I also really like the effect I get using bold alphabet stamps.
You want to get enough ink down to emboss, but not so much that you run the ink. You get a wonderful background doing this. be brave now, randomly spoon different colors of embossing powder on the piece and see the marvy pattern.
Embossing on fabric is a wonderful way to use rubber stamp images you might otherwise hesitate to incorporate into a fabric piece. As in all things, experimenting is the key. Different fabrics will has finer or coarser weaves, which will impact dramatically on the image you get. A tight weave, like a fine quilting cotton; will generally yield the best results for an image , you will not expect to get a fine line result, particularly on a coarsely woven fabric, try coarse linen and you will be successful.
Remember the fabric will be hot and if you use silk it may burn so,

be very careful.

Have fun! Jean






silvia said...

Very cool!!

~Lady B~ said...

Frickin' Epic, Jean! I love this 100% Thanks for the tips on embossing on fabric. I will have to give that a try :)

Ally White Cat said...

bet you had fun..wonderful project..thanks for the tut
susan s.

Ally White Cat said...

bet you had fun..wonderful project..thanks for the tut
susan s.

Jane said...

Awesome project
Hugs xxx