Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Freebie for you is The 16th Day of HOLLOWEEN " Drawing for visiting my "Bloggie".
She is all messed cause she caught a VIRUS and has been drinking POTION's
 and "BLOGGING" way too much. Named after me she sure represents me well. eerie ha??
well you haven't seen me 75 % done.
Thanks S&S for inspiring me and all the 31 days of halloween bloggr's. I have not made
 the BLOGGING AWARDEE but I can say I have my art up since day ONE!! and I am taking
 cracker "JACK" prizes for this.  for this.

COME and snag Jean! Smiles:)

Be ROUGH with her now...not for the delicate hand...she deserved to be wrinkled and tossed around. hehehehe

Mine to be posted shortly!!!!


silvia said...

Bloggie is awesome!!

DonnaMundinger said...

You are one wild chick!! Love it! xxD

Celeste said...

She is mah....velous!